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SORRYSHOES048 - 7 November 2011 - Nicolas Nucci "Ma Folie"
including Original & Dub Mix + remixes by Jerome Zambino, and Miss Brown & Helmut Kraft.

The French folks once more hit us with some deep beats to fuel the fire in the winter club months. Nicolas Nucci has been a regular remixer on Sorry Shoes, and finally we get a taste of his own new sounds, complete with his own vocals!

On the remix, it's a full-force French team, with Jerome Zambino, and Helmut Kraft & Miss Brown keeping the sounds deep and driving.

"Very good release, good progg sound for more after hours sets... Thanks!" (Miguel Picasso)
"Jerome Zambino Psychotik Remix is cool" (The Flash Brothers)
"Package is HOT" (Tony English)
"cool!" (Jens Lissat)
"Amazing sounds. Full support. Thanks." (DJ Vibe)

Nicolas Nucci - Ma Folie - Original Mix by Sorry Shoes
Nicolas Nucci - Ma Folie - Jerome Zambino Psychotik Remix by Sorry Shoes
Nicolas Nucci - Ma Folie - Helmut Kraft & Miss Brown Remix by Sorry Shoes

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SORRYSHOES047 - 1 November 2011 - Chris Brogan "Temper"
including Original Mix + remix by Aurel Devil.

Since day one, the Sorry Shoes team has been on the look out for new talents, and once more we've come up with a gem! London's Chris Brogan (Fabric, MOS) presents his debut release:

Chris Brogan 'Temper' is an intense techno-prog banger for peak time moments. definitely one to blow the roof! Our Parisian regular, Aurel Devil (Kult, Hypetraxx), backs up with a solid progressive house remix.

"Nice! Going with Orig. mix" (Thomas Penton)
"supercool tune" (Mike Koglin)
"great pack!!!" (Ivan Pica)
"wow" (Chris Bekker)
'good track' (Teo Moss)
'Oh yes!!!' (Lucien Foort)
'Original is working for us!' (The Flash Brothers)

Chris Brogan - Temper - Aurel Devil Remix by Sorry Shoes
Chris Brogan - Temper by Sorry Shoes

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SORRYSHOES046 - 8 November 2011 - Natalie Gauci "C U Later"
including remixes from Daniel Gregorio, Danny Dollar, Alan X, Miguel Fernandes

With composer/vocalist/pianist Natalie Gauci, Platonic theory comes into play... you come to expect a surprise. However some qualities persevere: hooking melodies and a warm, emotive voice.

After Platinum singles & albums on Sony, chart-topping solo hits like 'Without You' on Sorry Shoes, lush operatic deep techno on Techno Mafia with Alexander Fog, and side project, Tune In Tokyo on One Love, here's Natalie Gauci with 'C U Later'.

Germany's Danny Dollar delivers deluxe club house, London's Mr Xtrax, Alan X, presents a fresh&funkin 90s flash, Australia's prodigy Daniel Gregorio goes prog-electro; Portugal's Miguel Fernandes hits a techno vibe.

"(Alan X's Jackin' The Bass Mix) Fantastic! It's not the kind of thing I usually play... but i like it anyway ;)" (Solarstone)
"My favorite is the Remix from Daniel Gregorio ( Vocal & Dub). Very good sounds and good Mix" (David Costa / Wormland Music)
"Danny dollar instrumental mix will play, good stuff! (The Flash Brothers)
(Daniel Gregorio Dub Mix) Hands to the sky!!!! (Lucien Foort)

Natalie Gauci - C U Later - Alan X's Jackin' The Bass Remix by Sorry Shoes
Natalie Gauci - C U Later - Daniel Gregorio Remix SNIPPET by Sorry Shoes
Natalie Gauci-C U Later Danny Dollar Wipe Out Mix by Sorry Shoes
Natalie Gauci - C U Later - Miguel Fernandes Remix by Sorry Shoes

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SORRYSHOES045 - 5 October 2011 - Olivian Dj "Radiation"

For the lovers of progressive ... OlivianDj from Rome makes his debut with "Radiation"

Support in from: The Flash Brothers, Jens, Lissat, Jaytech, Thomas Penton, JJ Mullor, Ivan Gomez, G-Martin, Total DJ Webradio, Live1FM Brasil, Dj Vibe ....

Olivian Dj - Radiation (Original mix) by Sorry Shoes

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SORRYSHOES044 - 30 September 2011 - Mat Holtmann "Rocky"
including remixes from Alexander Fog & Ash Roy

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SORRYSHOES043 - 23 September 2011 - Guy Scheiman "Crazy"
including Original mix and Guy Scheiman Extended Mix

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SORRYSHOES042 - 29 September 2011 - Tom Marchant "Don´t ft Lizzie France"
including Original mix + remix by Mike Kelly vs Eastnwest, Hifi Sean, Miguel Fernandes

London duo Tom Marchant and Lizzie France hit us with grooving' bass, powerful vocals, and a classic house feeling.

On the remix, Hifi Sean kicks it on the Terrace, Miguel Fernandes hits the late night vibe, and Mike Kelly with Eastnwest deliver a club rocker.

"Great pack mates!!! " (Ivan Pica)
"What a BOMB!!! Ade Hits For Sure :-))) Mike Kelly & Eastnwest "Cologne" Vox Mix Is My Favorite " (Ben Manson)
"Mike Kelly & Hi-Fi Sean remixes for my dj sets!!" (Ivan Gomez)
"Mike Kelly Vs Eastnwest "Cologne" Dub is nice" (The Flash Brothers)
"Great Package, love Mike Kelly & Eastnwest Remix a lot! Progmonsterness on the Dancefloors!" (Jean Philips)
"Support and play, thanks" (DJ Vibe)

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SORRYSHOES041 - 7 September 2011 - Ben Manson & Olivier Malone "Beautiful Nightmare"
including Ben Manson & Olivier Malone mix + remixes by Flavio Wariez & Clem B, Leomeo & Fabrice K

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SORRYSHOES040 - 5 September 2011 - Oc3an "Crazy Life"
including Original mix + remixes from Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago, Miguel Fernandes, Siul Silva

In Portugal, there's a hot nu-skool producer explosion. They weren't born when acid house and techno evolved. However, these guys capture the nature of its attraction. They resist the limitations of niche... explore beats... favour dirt over designer. Perhaps it's a revolution against the Gaga, pop-dance domination that plague these guys in Portugal. We like it!

OC3AN in this case drops 'Crazy Life', a dirty bassline groover, morphing into a unique, twisted vocal before storming into progressive-techno.

On the remix: Special guests Italy's Technomafia, Darkstar & TMR head-honcho Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago with their groovin deep tech-techno sound. Backing up from Portugal, Siul Silva (Fire Beats, Kaos), takes it deep and techy, and Miguel Fernandes - who kicked off his musical journey at age 8 on drums and piano and ten years later is played by Fedde Le Grand and Tiesto!

"Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago Remix for me, good tech-house vibes, thanks!!!" (Miguel Picasso)
"Siul Silva remix hot!" (Javier Medina)
"Love the Miguel Fernandez mix. Has a great energy. Quality progressive house" (Neroli)
"OMG!!!!!!!! Remix From Siul Silva!!!!! FULL FULL SUPPORT!! Many Thanks!!!" (Miss Brown)
"Like the Alexander Fog and Alberto Drago Remix" (Nick Tcherniak)

SUPPORT IN FROM: JJ Mullor, Jean Philips, Ivan Gomez, Miss Nine, Alex Mac, Al Mackenzie (D:REAM), Total DJ Webradio, Mike Kelly, Reed McGowan (Billboard), SrEdu, Severino Panzetta, Josh Abrams (Frisky Recs/Proton Radio)

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SORRYSHOES039 - 18 August 2011 - Sean Norvis & Seepryan "Caliente Sentimiento feat Ane EP"
including Caliente Feat Ane, and Sentimiento feat Ane

Here comes a brand new production pair from Romania Sean Norvis & Seepryan with their debut on Sorry Shoes. "Caliente Sentimiento Feat Ane EP" features 2 tracks from the newcomers with a full dose of sun administered via the melody over their house-tech-progressive fused beats.

Support in from: Sarah Main, The Flash Brothers, Hifi Sean, Jerome Zambino, JJ Mullor, Miss Nine, Thomas Penton, Live1fm Brazil, Russel Deeks (I-DJ UK), Dean Facer (United Colours Of House)

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SORRYSHES038 - 28 July 2011 - Ash Roy "Voco EP"
including Voco, Patches

Ash Roy has been both rocking it worldwide (vocals, percussion, sequencing) as part of live 4-piece electronic-techno act "Jalebee Cartel" and also resident DJ in The Gulf's biggest club (Dubai). He's on Vapour, Baroque, Platipus, Proton Music and a regular on Sorry Shoes.  We were stoked when he passed us these grooving new cuts! Direct from India: Ash Roy "Voco EP". FYI, there's a lush vocal late in Voco, so play until the end!

"nice, thanks!" (David Herrero)
"9/10" (Live1fm Brazil)
"Great work from Ash! Voco for me!" (G-Martin)
"Great pack" (Ivan Pica)
"Cool... ash Rocks!! Voco for me full support" (Jean Philips)
"Great groove on Patches." (Josh Abrams / Proton Radio)
"digging the laid back groove on patches to rock poolside!" (Gil Kuruneri / NosiMusic)
"Decent tech-house grooves" (Russel Deeks I-DJ UK)
"this is amazing" (Chip)

BTW *** Seriously, watch this LIVE videos!!! ..

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SORRYSHOES037 - 18 July 2011 - Demuja "Summer Vibe"
including Original Mix, Summer Mix, Kings Valley Remix, Hifi Sean Sunset Mix

Here comes a laidback terrace tune, with a sweet melody. Demuja from Austria drops his debut "Summer Vibe".  Hifi Sean brings funkin' sunset house, plus Nicolas Nucci & Jerome Zambino launch their Kings Valley project with a deep progressive house flight.

Feedback essential for this one!
"nice" (The Flash Brothers)
"nice summer mix" (Mike Väth)
"Hifi Sean Sunset Remix... perfect poolside track." (Rafael Mesa la)
"Kings Valley Remix for me, nice and deep.." (Miguel Picasso)
"Wiiicked release full support Hifi sean is the one for me!!!" (Per QX)
"Hifi Sean and kings valley are good..supporting" (Pena/Flow Recs)
"One of Sorry Shoes better offerings for sure! KV Remix for me but liking the tribal beats on HiFi Sean's mix as well" (Russel Deeks - I-DJ UK)

+support from Miss Nine, Live1FM Brasil, Al MacKenzie/D:Ream, Rafael Mesa la, André Schwarz, Total DJ Webradio, Josh Abrams (Proton Radio), Kate Wildblood, Reed McGowan (Billboard), David Vendetta, Maverickz.

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SORRYSHOES036 - 30 June 2011 - Rony Feat Rachele Dione "Colour Of Love 2011"
including Pete K 2001 Mix, Pete K 2011 Instrumental

We saw the damage this monster vocal made on the German Dance Charts, and progressive sales charts in UK and USA in 2010. Here comes the 2011 progressive remix from Portuguese wizz kid Pete K, just in time to fill your summer floors.

"great vocal beautiful melodies " (Natalie Gauci)
"Class and smooth. Nice! " (Thomas Penton)
"Good track, thanks." (David Vendetta)
"Perfect For A Sunset Party Big Summer Bomb" (Ben Manson)
"Gunna sound great in Ibiza" (Playright)
"Love the sound of this track" (Dan Murphy)
"Good release! Support!" (JJ Mullor)
"good track" (Teo Moss)
"still great tune 10/10!!" (André Schwarz)
"Wooah, so progressive. Beautiful remake. Vocals are stunning. Support." (Clancy Kik FM)

+ DJ Support: The Flash Brothers, Antoine 909, Mat Holtmann, Nino Scarico, Josh Abrams (Frisky Recs/Proton Radio), Reed McGowan (Billboard), Komm_unity, Brett Austin (Oxford Hustlers), Helmut Kraft, Jerome Zambino, Mike Ivy, Miss Nine, Nacho Chapado...

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SORRYSHOES035 - 1 June 2011 - DJ Bruno Kauffmann "Too Hot To Touch feat Ria Alexander"
including Original mix + remixes by Tomy Villacorta, Aurel Devil, Miss Brown & Helmut Kraft, Jerome Zambino

To celebrate three decades making music across France, DJ Bruno Kauffmann hit the studio with New York's Ria Alexander. Bruno experienced the entire house music revolution, performing alongside Danny Tenaglia, David Guetta, Charles Schillings, Laurent Garnier and so many more. His sounds evolved from early 80's Paris, to 21st Century St Tropez. This release references vintage house and progressive sounds, fused with today's tech.

For Ria Alexander music is about translating unique energies like "the touch of a seductive whisper." Such energies live in her melodies and lyrics, which cracked the Top 10 Billboard Album Chart on the soundtrack for HBO's "Oz".

On the remix, Montreal's Tomy Villacorta (Vortek), joins fresh French producers Aurel Devil (Kult), Miss Brown (System) & Helmut Kraft (Plusquam, We Play, D:Vision), and Jerome Zambino (Guareber).

"Hot Mix ... good !!!" (Joachim Garraud)
"(Jerome Zambino Remix) Groooooves. Bang support." (Clancy-KikFM)
"Tomy Villacorta Infected Voice Mix is my pick here." (Derek Howell)
"Tomy Villacorta mix is the business ! Like a NYC Sound Factory dub this just cruises and pumps ...100% support all the way !" (Hifi Sean)
"10/10" (Live1fm Brazil)

+ support from Jens Lissat, The Flash Brothers, Miguel Picasso, Miss Nine, Playright, Sharif Galal, Total DJ Webradio, Severino Panzetta, Russel Deeks (I-DJ UK), Pascal Nury (Nightwax) and Berlin FM.

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SORRYSHOES034 - 19 May 2011 - Manuel Carranco "Sleazy Madrid (Instrumentals)"
including Nacho Chapado Instrumental, Ivan Gomez Instrumental, JJ Mullor Supermarket Instrumental

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SORRYSHOES032 - 25 April 2011 - Manuel Carranco "Sleazy Madrid"
including Original mixes and Accapella + remixes by Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, JJ Mullor

Last year, Manuel Carranco joined with Nacho Chapado to present a surprisingly bright summer tune for progressive vampires titled "Eye Contact".

This time Manuel presents his creation "Sleazy Madrid" backed up on the remix by JJ Mullor and the Guareber Records/Spanish House Mafia crew Nacho Chapado and Ivan Gomez who've also been dropping some bombs on Armada and Twisted America. It's main room, late night action, Spanish style and emblematic of their mega Madrid fiesta!

"Nacho Chapado Remix is uplifting, will put in the bag!" (The Flash Brothers)
"JJ Mullor mix more my kind of thing. Nice" (Al McKenie / D:REAM)
"f+*king rocking" (Steven Redant)
"Ivan's mix is huge!" (Josh Abrams/Proton Radio)
"Banginnnng. Support." (Clancy/KIK FM)
"Gomez and jj mulleor take it to peak time zone. will play" (Danny Tuval)
"(Nacho Chapado Remix) has my support, prime time 5/5" (Johan Khoury)

Support from Damien J Carter, Antoine 909, Jason Chaser, Alan X, Nino Scarico, D-Mark, Pee Wee Ferris, G-Martin, Feisty, Kate Wildblood, Aurel Devil, Total DJ Webradio, Reed McGowan (Billboard).

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SORRYSHOES031 - 28 March 2011 - Mike Ivy & Ellroy Clerk feat Joey Alvarado "Welcome To The Fiesta"
including Original Mix, Can´t Take More Mix + remixes by Mike Kelly, Paulo Martins, Miguel Fernandes & Sten Ritterfeld, Ben Manson & Olivier Malone.

Sharp beats, warm inviting vocals, hooking synths... say no more... welcome to the fiesta!

"is all about the sexy house mix, nice one" (Roger Sanchez)
"Paulo Martins Mix is good & pumping!" (The Flash Brothers)
"Ben Manson & Olivier Malone for me ! Nice package !" (Maverickz)
"We support this in our IN HOUSE WE TRUST RadioShow!" (Damien J Carter)
"Dropped the Mike Kelly Sexy House Festival Mix Last week @ Miami Music Week. It Exploded the Dance Floor Great Work Love it" (Progressive Miami)

Ivan Pica, Thomas Penton, Miguel Picasso, G-Martin, Playright, Jack McCord, Laundry Service, Miss Nine, Phil Romano, Ivan Gomez, Danni Matin, Pee Wee Ferris, Total DJ Webradio, Deep FM, Proton Radio, Radio STUDIO7 Kaunas, My959FM.

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SORRYSHOES030 - 21 March 2011 - Taylor Square "Something In The Air feat Katarina 2011"
including remixes by Hifi Sean, Luke-R, Nacho Chapado, Komm_Unity

Arguably Australia's #1 house DJ, Alex Taylor joined Rob Taylor to present Taylor Square feat Katarina "Something In The Air". The original mixes placed high in the Australian Dance Charts, and hit #1 on Junodownload sales charts in 2010. Just before Alex hits his summer residency on the Space Ibiza Terrace, here comes the Sorry Shoes re-rubs!

London's Hifi Sean drops a rolling, sexy house bouncer. Netherlands' talented youngster Luke R hammers main room tech vibes and floor-filling pianos. Barcelona's Nacho Chapado (Armada/Twisted) meshes sun-drenched progressive with moody bass. And the ever-surprising Komm_unity TW take us on an epic trip from sunset grooves into full progressive flight.

Early support in from TyDi, Ivan Pica, The Flash Brothers, Hagenaar & Albrecht, Sarah Main, Damien J Carter, Nic Fanciulli, Dubfire, Miguel Picasso, Thomas Penton, Lutz Markwirth, Edson Pride, Zygmund Slezak, Mike Ivy, KIK FM, 959 FM, 84.9FM, I-DJ UK, Proton Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Total DJ Webradio, Live1FM Brasil, Progressive Miami.

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SORRYSHOES029 - 28 March 2011 - Giese & Rony Feat Kelly Hilton "Always There For You"
including Original mixes + remixes by Javier Medina, Slider N Turner, Micky Friedmann, Bedrud, MKC, Miguel Fernandes, Daniel Gregorio

Giese & Rony follow up their DDC Chart Hit 'Colour Of Love' from 2010. This time the Cologne duo hooked up with Venezuelan lyricist David Golding and Sao Paulo's vocal sensation Kelly Hilton for a take-all-prisoners, infectious and floor-filling main room progressive cut.

This pack challenged our usual remix quota limit - but rules are for chumps! This is one DJ weapon smorgasbord! On the German front: Slider N Turner whip up a euphoric prog-tech anthem; Bedrud taps into the funkin' & groovin' new skool tech sound; Micky Friedmann delivers uplifting perc-tastic tribal-prog. Out of Spain: Matinee's new talent - Javier Medina - aims for your hips. And our favourite homework-avoiding Australian/Portuguese/Slovakian trio - MKC Vs Miguel Fernandes & Daniel Gregorio - mashes shakin' techno with big ass synth chords!

Support in already from: Miss Nine, Nic Fanciulli, Jaytech, The Flash Brothers, Damien J Carter, Mike Ivy, Ivan Gomez, Wayne G, Al Mackenzie (D:REAM), Severino Panzetta, Mark Doyle (Fierce Angels), Total Dj Wedradio France, Live1FM Brazil, Progressive Miami.

"Really good peak time vocal on Javier Medina Remix. Support." (Miguel Picasso)
"Love this pack! Orig instrum & Slider & MKC mixes rock for me." (Thomas Penton)
"FxxxxxG Good Tune!!! Lot's of different Mix For All The hours Of the Night Love Original, Micky & Javier Remix BIG BIG BIG Support For The Mkc Vs Miguel Fernandes & Daniel Gregorio Remix" (Ben Manson)
"Awesome. Absolutely Awesome!" (Steven Redant)
"LOVE the Medina mix! Charting it & playing it immediately." (Reed McGowan-Billboard)

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SORRYSHOES028 - 17 January 2011 - Natalie Gauci "Without You (Remixed)"
including remixes by Ivan Gomez, Fran Ramirez, Maverickz, Chris Bekker

We were excited to launch Australia's Natalie Gauci as a dance artist worldwide in 2010. Australian Idol viewers voted Natalie as winner in 2007... one of the few winners who actually made the critics smile. Her first album went Platinum. The Thomas Penton, Medway, and Nacho Chapado mixes pulled support from Paul Van Dyk, Andy Moor, Hagenaar & Albrecht, Hernan Cattaneo, Matt Darey, Harry Lemon ... and went straight to #1 on Junodownload!

Here come the new mixes! Barcelona's Spanish house mafia Ivan Gomez & Fran Ramirez deliver deluxe tribal tech progressive. Berliner Chris Bekker presents stylish main room prog. Belgium's Maverickz (BigBigSoundz) knocks up a jumping club mix!

Chart support essential! Debuted in Top 10 House and Progressive Charts on Featured Prog on Beatport. Just entered the Deutsch Dance Chart first week at #49. Now also featured in the weekend club charts on Galaxie FM (France) .

+ Supported by: Nic Fanciulli, D-Formation, Daniel Portman, Tydi, Damien J Carter, Miss Nine, Russel Deeks (I-DJ UK), Mike Hiratzka, Mike Ivy, Sarah Main, Total DJ Webradio, The Flash Brothers, Push FM, Music Nord Radio (FR), Deered Radio Berlin, Julien Vandaume (House Gallery, FR).

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SORRYSHOES027 - 3 January 2011 - Daniel Gregorio & Paul M "Aurora"
including Original mix + remix by DG, Laundry Service, Miguel Fernandes, Deejay Matt

Here comes the new skool! Australia's Daniel Gregorio is a rare talent at just 14 years old. DG joins Portugal's Paul M (aka Paulo Martins) for an emotive progressive anthem:

Remix-wise, we've got an extra massive electro-techno re-touch from DG, backed up by big stripped remixes from Miguel Fernandes and Deejay Matt, plus a trance-progressive treatment by Laundry Service which Tiesto dropped in his Club Life show!

"Solid class release. Love the DG/Laundry Service/ mixes." (Thomas Penton)
"Miguel Fernandez's mix is dope, cool mix of styles and a groove that should rock on the dance floor. Will be supporting next week at the BPM Festival in Mexico!" (Mike Hiratzka)

Aurora debuted in Top 5 Progressive Singles on Juno

+ Support from Tydi, Joachim Garraud, Nic Fanciulli, Daniel Portman, Francesco Diaz, The Flash Brothers, Damien J. Carter, Miss Nine, Mike Ivy, Maverickz, Brazil, Berlin FM, Kik FM, Push FM.

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