Milan's Daniele D'Alessandro had a solid 2015 with big releases including “Lovin’ Me” & “Maybe2Nite” (#7 German Dance Charts) Here's comes the follow-up... a rolling techy number, Monster Bass. Daniele D'Alessandro 'Monster Bass' SORRYSHOES158 Release 11.01.2016 (C) Sorry Shoes (P) Sorry Shoes 2016

Here comes a 2015 re-vamp of an early Sorry Shoes tune from France’s Flavio Wariez & Clem B „Profusion 2015“. The pack features a top French remix line-up including a banging psy-trance remix from Raf Fender (OneFeel Music, Synergectic), a deep progressive mix from Xavier Seulmand (Resolution, Elettrika), a techy mix from Bruno Kauffmann (Pacha, Jungle Funk), a pushing house mix from Leomeo & Fabrice K (KULT, Vamos), plus new tech & trance re-rubs from Clem B himself! The original has already drawn support from: Joachim Garraud, Funkagenda, The Flash Brothers, Steve Thomas, Nacho Chapado, Javier Medina, G-Martin, Steven Redant (Bent Collective). SORRYSHOES157: Flavio Wariez & Clem B 'Profusion 2015' General Release 27.11.2015 (P) & (C) 2015 Sorry Shoes, Germany. Written & produced by Flavien Caboureau & Clément Bequart.

RoyaL Fia originally hails from Tel Aviv, and is now based in Berlin. His debut track on Sorry Shoes “I Think About” combines elements of house from deep, to electro, and progressive. Written, composed, produced by Roy Alfia. RoyaL Fia “I Think About” Original Extended, Dub & Radio mixes General Release 11.11.2015 SORRYSHOES156 (P) & (C) Sorry Shoes (Image: Lars Glaser)

Various Artists - Sorry Shoes Hidden Gems Volume Three SORRYSHOES155 Release 06.11.2015 16 hot productions in this compilation including new tunes from Bruno Kauffmann, Love Not Riches, Jonathan Landossa, Max Rocca, G-Pac, Sneaker & The Dryer and Aeon Flux! Plus fresh remixes of Bioslave feat. Rocy, Beaverhausen, Oliver M, Tom Marchant feat. Lizzie France and Gianmarco Nieri from Love Not Riches, Tommy Marcus, ZMD, Ludo Kaiser and Bruno Kauffmann!

Neurowsonic makes his Sorry Shoes debut “Keep Smiling”, a gritty late-night techno cut. The Mumbai-based artist also known as Manoj Pathare (CUE Digital) performs across venues in Juhu, Khar, and Bandra at locations including The Den & JW Marriot. Neurowsonic 'Keep Smiling' General Release 23.10.2015 SORRYSHOES154 (P) & (C) Sorry Shoes

New remixes are in for Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser “Rapido” and “House Hypnotize”!!! New re-rubs in your box from Sao Paolo’s Paulo Agulhari & Tommy Love, Colombia’s Alexander Zabbi, New York’s Tavo & Karlos Kastillo, and Melodika from Mexico. Enjoy the rhythm! Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser Remixed SORRYSHOES153 (P) & (C) Sorry Shoes General Release 19.10.2015

Sorry Shoes all-star Bruno Kauffmann (DeepSound, Guareber, Sony) is back with a hot new tune this time collaborating with newcomer DJ Alexio (Suka Records) and the luscious voice of miss Ann Shine (Pacha Recordings). Up To You combines elements of tech house & traditional progressive for a peaky late night cut with soulful vocal from Ann. Play it loud and proud! Bruno Kauffmann & DJ Alexio feat. Ann Shine "Up To You (C) Sorry Shoes (P) Sorry Shoes 2015 SORRYSHOES152 Release 02.10.2015
Cologne’s hot German-Australian duo Voltaxx & Mike Kelly are back with a huge mix of killer Sorry Shoes cut Daniele D'alessandro “Lovin’ Me” This is upfront tech house with a big bouncy bass. Early Support in Radio538 NL, Radio FG, Sean Norvis Daniele D'alessandro "Lovin' Me (Voltaxx & Mike Kelly Remix)" (C) Sorry Shoes (P) Sorry Shoes 2015 SORRYSHOES151 Release 07.09.2015

Spread Your Legs Recordings boss and Sorry Shoes regular Sean Norvis is back, after a great past year, with tunes and remixes on Blanco y Negro, Planet Dance, Jungle Funk and Armada. 

On "Sunrise Cafe", catch a glimpse of the poolside, summer vibe at his residency at Timisoara’s Sun Beach Pool & Lounge Club. 

Sean Norvis "Sunrise Cafe" Release 27.08.2015 P & C Sorry Shoes SORRYSHOES150

SORRYSHOES149 V/A Vocal House

13 cool vocal house tracks from the house of shoes! Get it in your box.

German-Australian duo Voltaxx & Mike Kelly cracked the Top 10 Accapellas, Top 100 Tech House & Techno on Beatport last year with “Dysphoria”. Fatboy Slim described the original as like “INXS on acid”! Support also picked up from a who’s who of true progressive & house: Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook, Paolo Mojo, Redanka, Peter Gelderblom, D.O.N.S., Anthony Pappa, Criss Source, Guy Mantzur, Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West), The Scumfrog, Robert Owens, Oliver Lang, Chris Fortier, Paul Oakenfold, Sonic Union, JJ Mullor, Yuriy From Russia, Max Graham. 

Spread Your Legs Recordings and Sorry Shoes regular Sean Norvis delivers a bouncey 2015 remix. 
Voltaxx & Mike Kelly - Dysphoria (Sean Norvis 2015 Remixes) - SORRYSHOES148 
General Release: 21 August 2015 - (C) Sorry Shoes (P) Sorry Shoes, Crème Royale -

Con Tacto “Hold On (It’s Time) gets a stylish, housey, summer re-rub from fellow Cologner Emrock (Kult, Twisted Records). Get it to the house room ! 
Con Tacto “Hold On (It's Time) - Emrock Deep Mix” SORRYSHOES147 General Release 13.07.2015 - - - 

Voltaxx is an artist we all know very well - one of Cologne’s quintessential producers… the dude behind Lissat & Voltaxx, and Voltaxx & Mike Kelly as well as his own vocal project Ito. 

In this instance he combines with one of Wales’s most promising new vocal talents of the James Bond variety, previously hailed as Danny Hilton – you might remember his tune on Sorry Shoes “Loving You (For The Last Time)” with Mike Kelly & Marc Molas Carol. 

Voltaxx & Danny Polaris “Nightfall” is a stylish cut…. whether you like the original, dub or accapella, this track is worth a second listen, some tracks grow on us… Enjoy!

SORRYSHOES146 – Release 26.06.2015 - Voltaxx & Danny Polaris "Nightfall" 

Fabio White feat. Valentina Shanti “You Are Mine” picked up support from Erick Morillo, Miss Nine, Markus Schulz, JJ Mullor, The Flash Brothers, Guy Scheiman, as well as RadioFG, BerlinFM, Manchester Global Radio and Music Week magazine. Here comes fresh re-rubs from Nico Leon (half of Slider N Turner) and Love Not Riches. Support essential!

Fabio White feat. Valentina Shanti “You Are Mine 2015 “
(P) & © Sorry Shoes - Release 15.05.2015 - - - 

Tom Marchant heralds his vocalist debut on Sorry Shoes with “If”. No stranger to the label, Tom collaborated on several in-house cuts with fellow English vocalist Lizzie France including “Don’t”, “Out Of Bounds”, “Rise” & “Real Love”. The duo earned praise from Tom Stephan, Ivan Pica, Ivan Gomez, The Flash Brothers, DJ Vibe, Lemon8, Sarah Main & Radio FG. 

Versatility inspired techno & tech house sounds on Filthy Groovin. Now comes an emblematic UK number - thoughtful, reflective, GARAGE!

Backing up on the remix, Love Not Riches goes tech-house in contrast to the debut chopped-up funker “Planet Vox” - played by Markus Schulz, JJ Mullor, Mike Kelly, Berlin FM, & JJJ FM Australia. The next single “Stay” is up next plus a remix of Fabio White & Valentina Shanti “You Are Mine”

Tom Marchant "If" + Love Not Riches Remix
Release 09.03.15 *

V/A Best Deep House
General Release 27.02.2015 SORRYSHOES141
01 Giangi Cappai & Maura C - U R My Pride - Sand & Sunset Mix
02 Eddie Coulter - Press Go - Giese & Mike Kelly feat. Dylan Naylor Remix
03 Nick Tcherniak & Steve Thomas feat.Wilmien - Deep Water- Original Mix
04 Bioslave - That - Original Mix
05 Demuja - Summer Vibe - Original Mix
06 Mike Kelly & Natalie Gauci - Sunlight In Fog - Original Mix
07 Beaverhausen - Genosys - Original Mix
08 Bioslave - Paula - Original Mix
09 Peter Flow - The Dancer - Original Mix
10 Mike Ivy & Ellroy Clerk ft. Joey Alvarado - Welcome To The Fiesta - Mike Kelly Sexy House Festival Mix
11 Mike Kelly & Dylan Naylor - Allegro Pizzicato - Jean Philips Remix
12 Peter Flow - In The Wood - Original Extended Mix
13 Con Tacto - Nachmittag In Cologne - Original Mix
14 Peter Flow - Missing - Original Extended Mix
15 Oliver M - Groovebird - JJ Mullor Remix
16 Voltaxx & Mike Kelly feat. Natalie Gauci - Part Time Lover - Sean Norvis Dub Mix

Naturally our crew from all over the world offer their perspectives of how this genre is done best. Enjoy the trip. 

21 tunes from Alan X, Alsson Preece, Arnold From Mumbai, Ash Roy, Bioslave, Bruno Kauffmann, Chris Brogan, Daniele D’Alessandro, Eddie Coulter, Giangi Cappai, Gino Klift, Housemiga, Jonathan Landossa, Ludo Kaiser, Lyris, Mat Holtmann, Maura C, Max Rocca, Mike Kelly, Natalie Gauci, Oliviandj, Oso Project, Peter Flow, Ria Alexander, Robin Hirte, Shady, Shakespeare Project, Simone De Biasio, Slider N Turner, and Voltaxx.

V/A "Tech House Fiesta" SORRYSHOES140 - Official Release 23.02.2015 -

The trend of 2014 was overblown masters, quickly produced, sampled repetitive looping (=average and forgettable tunes). Anyone under 22 with cool sunglasses and a ghost writer (or cake to throw at fans) won out. The cool legends of dance decided music no longer needs to be danced to... we call it Schlaftechno. The end result was often dull, emotionless hits.

Whilst France's Bruno Kauffmann has earned his stripes as equally as any of the sell-out producers; he's persisted in making music for the floor, the people, and keeps delivering. In honour of his consistent production integrity, starting alongside Laurent Garnier in the 80’s to starring in St. Tropez and more recently bringing rocking bass to modern club house-tech-techno, we salute a legend and present the second instalment “Bruno Kauffmann & Friends Volume Two”. In this pack, he teams up with Resolution Records’ head honcho Tommy Marcus as well as resident of Le Queen Paris.

If we’re name dropping, count his fans if you will: Joachim Garraud, Derek Howell, Jens Lissat, The Flash Brothers, Miguel Picasso, Miss Nine, The NightOwls, Ivan Pica, Oxford Hustlers, Guy Scheiman, Jaytech, Mike Ivy, Mike Kelly, The NightOwls, JJ Mullor, Radio FG, I-DJ UK, Berlin FM, Live1FM Brazil Australian radio JJJ.

Release: 02/02/15 

Milan's Daniele D'Alessandro nailed his debut “Lovin’ Me” - the original hit #3 on DanceWorldRadio’s House Chart and was selected on the USA Abercrombie & Fitch May DJ mix. DJ pal Giangi Cappai (a Peter Rauhofer supported Italian Star69 legend) slayed us with a divine remix thereof, gaining love from Peter Gelderblom, David Vendetta, JJ Mullor, Mike Kelly, Alistair Albrecht, Chris Bekker, Kölner Magazine, Radio FG, Berlin FM.

Soon after Giangi Cappai introduced Italian emerging DJ Maura C, collaborating on “U R My Pride” - a sun-drenched deep house cut landing Top 100 Beatport Deep House, Tech House & DJ Tools charts. His previous studio-mates Inaya Day & Barbara Tucker, plus remix requests from Madonna, Martha Wash, Afrika Bambaataa, D.O.N.S., Peter Rauhofer say it all.

Both Italians present sensual, emotive and fresh house-tech-prog-techno in NYC, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Cologne... finally joining forces on “We Gotta Fight” launching Milan’s male sport & urban apparel label Jockfighters which has kept both underground clubbers and Milan critics both in favour. 

Giangi Cappai & Daniele D’Alessandro "We Gotta Fight" (P) & (C) Sorry Shoes - Release: 20.02.2015 - - -