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Sorry Shoes presents the debut album from Reshei ... "Everywhere LP" Reshei is a very exciting new artist whose music incorporates & traverses deep-house, house, electronica, nu-disco, tropical-house, tech-house, electro & progressive. Ever present on this album are striking melodies, warm basses & spaces, & emotive vocals. Support this hot new artist everywhere you can! Early support Niki Belucci (Radio FG) 1. 16 (Everywhere) 2. Ambassador (Be Happy) 3. Be Free 4. Forever 5. Ha Laugh 6. Unforgivable 7. We Are 8. What Moves You 9. Genesis 10. Pluckball (Steve Kauf Remix) SORRYSHOES171 Release 15.09.2016 (P) & (C) Sorry Shoes 2016

Bruno Kauffmann (Sony, Pacha, Kult, EPride) "Wash Away" is sensual & lush. Original Mix support in from Paul Van Dyk, Roger Shah & other fans Joachim Garraud, Derek Howell, Jens Lissat, Jaytech, Radio FG, I-DJ UK, Berlin FM, Live1FM Brazil & Australian radio JJJ are top notch. Now 3 stellar new remixes. Firstly Voltaxx & Mike Kelly (Toolroom, Milk & Sugar, Hotfingers, Great Stuff, 303Lovers, Stealth, Cr2, Baroque, Whore House & Twisted) nail a deep, sultry summer mix. Claus Casper & Jean Philips (Spinnin', Kontor, Toolroom & BluFin) blow it up with their stylish driving house mix. Our new discovery Peter Oliver pursues a stripped, sexy, percussive tech tack. All in all... awesome! Bruno Kauffmann - Wash Away Remixes Release 30.09.2016 SORRYSHOES172 (P&C Sorry Shoes 2016) (Voltaxx & Mike Kelly, Claus Casper & Jean Philips, Peter Oliver rmxs) - - - - - -

The second release from Sascha Roehricht presents G-Pac includes a massive 2016 reboot of his tune Juggernaut plus new hotness on G-Float. Both tracks delivering kicking techno with iconic Cologne melodic influences. This is a front of the box, take no prisoners dance smasher EP! Sascha Roehricht presents G-Pac 'Beat Gate EP' Release date 9 September 2016 P & C Sorry Shoes

French artist Jerome Zambino has long been a regular remixer on Sorry Shoes, garnering support from Roger Sanchez, Jens Lissat, DJ Vibe, The Flash Brothers, D:REAM, Mike Kelly, Ivan Gomez, Alex Taylor, Ben Manson, Miguel Picasso & Micky Friedmann. His track "People Under The Sun Feat. eM" (Overline Recs) hit Beatport #3 Progressive, #10 Overall Charts. His debut solo release on Sorry Shoes, "De Toi A Moi" (From You To Me) kicks off with sexy, deep, French-house vibes, then "Entire System" cracks on into rolling tech with a groovy electro bass hook. Feedback/charts valued. Jerome Zambino 'JZEP01' - (track 1) De Toi A Moi (track 2) Entire System SORRYSHOES166 - Release 29.06.2016 (P) & © Sorry Shoes

Russian artist Ilya Averyanov returns with new summery remixes of Sorry Shoes classic cut Voltaxx & Mike Kelly feat. Natalie Gauci “Part Time Lover”, as well as RoyaL Fia “I Think About”)

V/A “Ilya Averyanov Remixes” SORRYSHOES165 available 13.06.2016.
1. Voltaxx & Mike Kelly feat. Natalie Gauci “Part Time Lover”
2. RoyaL Fia “I Think About”

Early support in Rio Dela Duna, JJ Mullor, The Flash Brothers, Radio FG, Mike Ivy - -

Russian artist Ilya Averyanov has impressed us since a very young age with his works under other monikers on Sorry Shoes, Housevisions, & Interspace. We’re excited to launch his new artist concept. In the EP we have two solid deep tropical house cuts for pure beach bliss. It’s always summer if you have the right music. Early Support in Noel Lambrosse, JJ Mullor, Peter Flow. Ilya Averyanov “Wonderland EP” (feat. Wonderland & Suddenly) SORRYSHOES164 (P) & © Sorry Shoes - 30.03.2016
Bruno Kauffmann strikes again with a pushing, sensual tune “Washing Away” featuring lush vocals and a direct for the floor vibe. Over the past years he is one of the hardest working French producers, releasing an impressive array of amazing tunes and remixes on Sony, Pacha, S2G, Jungle Funk, Kult, EPride Guareber, and of course on Sorry Shoes. He’s garnered support from Joachim Garraud, Derek Howell, Jens Lissat, The Flash Brothers, Ivan Pica, Miguel Picasso, Miss Nine, The NightOwls, Oxford Hustlers, Jaytech, Mike Kelly, JJ Mullor, David Vendetta, Steven Redant, Guy Scheiman, Mike Ivy, Alex Taylor, as well as Die Kölner magazine, Gaydar Radio, Radio FG, I-DJ UK, Berlin FM, Live1FM Brazil and Australian radio JJJ. Bruno Kauffmann “Wash Away' SORRYSHOES163 (P) & © Sorry Shoes - 14.03.2016

Techy & old-skool influences, dirty bass, a sense of power and decent drama, classic synths and emotive pads, these are the elements that brought Peter Flow to our attention. Finally he’s been noticed and showcased by the iconic BBC Radio One show from one of the few cats who gets the awesomeness of both club sounds and underground cleverness... Pete Tong. Other support came in from Voltaxx, Ivan Pica, Stefano Pain, JJ Mullor, David Vendetta, Markus Schulz, Miss Nine, Ivan Gomez, Mike Kelly, Ten Walls. With “Missing”, “Infernal”, “What I Want” and “The Dancer” he has truly transcended from newcomer status to being a 100%% solid producer who just keeps coming up with striking tunes. Here's 3 new tunes, including the Underworld reminiscent Castles In The Sky + two proper underground house/tech cuts “Solid Snake” and “Dark Rhythm” Peter Flow 'Cosmic EP' - SORRYSHOES162 - Release 29.02.2016 (P) & © Sorry Shoes - - -

Bioslave “Bad Unicorn” features grungy bass, all-encompassing spaces and emotive vocals as we’ve come to expect from this German Sorry Shoes regular. With this release he takes you on a journey to dark places where bad unicorns spar to take over control for rhythm and bass His tracks have picked up support from Harry Lemon (Lemon 8), Derek Howell, Markus Schulz, Mike Ivy, Ibiza Global Radio, Radio FG, Berlin FM, and lots more. Get it in your boxes and charts! Bioslave – Bad Unicorn - SORRYSHOES161 Release 22 February 2016 (P) & (C) SorryShoes 2016

Tech & Techno Selection Volume One General Release 15 January 2016 
01 Bioslave - Huck Finn - Original Mix 
02 Mike Kelly & Natalie Gauci - Sunlight In Fog - Ash Roy Remix 
03 Nicolas Nucci - Ma Folie - Dub Mix
04 Bioslave - It's Alright - Original Mix 
05 Peter Flow - Infernal - Original Mix 
06 Mat Holtmann & Robin Hirte - Mumbai - Original Mix
07 Alex Portarulo - Check Baby - Giuseppe Bottone Hawaii Remix
08 Voltaxx & Mike Kelly - Dysphoria - The NightOwls Remix 
09 Peter Flow - Missing - Oso Project Remix 
10 Mat Holtmann & Dave Rose - Pusherman - Robin Hirte Remix
11 Max Rocca - Cyrnos - Jonathan Landossa Remix 
12 Ben Manson & Olivier Malone - Beautiful Nightmare - Leomeo & Fabrice K Deconstruction Mix 
13 Flavio Wariez & Clem B - Profusion - Ben Manson & Olivier Malone Remix 
14 Ivan Gomez - D-Pressed - Original Mix 
15 Daniele D'Alessandro - Lovin' Me - Project 050 Remix
16 Oso Project - Mad Bells - Original Mix 
17 Simone De Biasio - Hey Base - Original Mix 1
8 Project 050 - Basemental - Original Mix 
19 Bruno Kauffmann & Gino Klift - Evacuation - Original Mix 
20 Mat Holtmann & Robin Hirte - Delhi - Original Mix 
21 Eddie Coulter - Lost In Miami - Eddie Coulter Deep Mix 
22 Tom Marchant - If - Love Not Riches Remix 
23 Shakespeare Project - Ra Guitar - Original Mix House 
24 Voltaxx & Danny Polaris - Nightfall - Instrumental Mix 
25 Ash Roy - Voco - Arnold From Mumbai Weekend Remix 
26 Manuel Carranco - Sleazy Madrid - JJ Mullor Supermarket Instrumental 
27 Steven Redant & Jean Philips - Discotheque - Unik Remix 
28 Nacho Chapado & Manuel Carranco - Eye Contact - Jalebee Cartel Remix 
29 Nick Tcherniak & Steve Thomas feat.Wilmien - Deep Water - Original Mix